About Us

Uniprint was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2009 by people with a long history in the printing industry. Currently, Uniprint offices and production facility of 2800m2 are located in the Industrial Area of Sindos.

In the highly competitive world of printing and printing services, customers expect quality and on-time delivery. We realize that successfully operating a business requires attention to detail, so we adapt quickly to new technology and trends and focus on problem solving, all while maintaining that level of attention to detail. This is what makes us unique.

Our high level of expertise led us to focus on five points that differentiated us from the rest and made us successful. Our philosophy is to offer:

* Competitive pricing

* High quality products

* Fastest delivery time

* Personalized customer service

* Commitment to our partners for the continuous improvement of our products and its services so as to exceed their expectations.

Our goal is to remain as current and qualified as the industry demands and to always take an extra step for you.