Products & Services

Certified by the ISO 9001 standards, Uniprint S.A. is driven to deliver the highest quality printed materials and services quickly and affordably. We are the largest printing company in Northern Greece with the drive and expertise to meet all of your company’s long-term, short-term, and on-demand needs.

From computer continuous paper to bank checks and from personalized plastic key member cards to direct mails and statements, we are here to provide the most up-to date customized solutions to your company. Whatever your business need is, we can provide it.

The areas of our expertise are:

Computer Forms

You can choose among different sizes, weights and types of paper, made with chemical paper or with carbon, with hologram for security purposes, pre-printed or not. In other words, we transform the computer forms as tools that increase efficiency and reduce costs for our customers.

Uniprint is the undisputed leader in the market of Northern Greece of producing computer forms with the greatest tradition and experience in the field. The computer form also remains one of the main products of our company.  Our goal is to always help our customers to manage their major business processes as effectively as possible.  We design, print and package computer forms for all uses and all company activities, such as:

  • Continuous Forms
  • Cut Forms
  • Cut sets

Indicative uses:

Voucher & sales documents (invoices, delivery notes, receipts etc)
Accounting forms

Office Material

Communicate the right message, configure your corporate identity and enhance your company brand and your products with stationery that fits you. From the plain photocopy paper to the standard computer forms, from business cards to letterheads with hologram and security inks, we make products that best serve our customers’ needs.

  • Photocopy Paper
  • White or coloured paper of different dimensions for laser & inkjet printers
  • Letterheads of all kinds and with safety features (special inks, holograms etc)
  • Business cards
  • Standard continuous computer forms
  • Multi-purpose books


We provide a variety of color, shape, dimensions, paper material and window position. We supply all kinds of envelopes in various sizes and colors for different uses (simple mailing envelopes, direct mail, etc). In response to the complexity of today’s market and finding new ways of communication with end customers, we offer:

  • Envelopes of all kinds
  • Info-mailer
  • Info-pack
  • Info-ply
  • Info-seal

Applications that use our envelopes:

Tax notices
Payroll notices
Letter forms
Statements and billings
Direct mailing


We provide the most integrated range of tickets covering even the most specialized need. Uniprint is distinguished internationally for the available ticket solutions services that it offers. We offer ticketing products for large international events and sporting events, as well as for the more narrow needs of your company.

We provide:

  • Research of technical requirements
  • Research of tax requirements
  • Research analysis of flow processes (workflow analysis-logistics analysis)
  • Analysis of marketing requirements (sponsoring)
  • Specifications training
  • Ticket designing
  • Ticket printing and numbering
  • Security ticketing products: Implementation of specialized measures against forgery and counterfeiting of tickets (safety floorings, prints with special inks, holograms of simple or 3D technology, etc)

We cover the needs of any market:

Events (theatres, cinemas, concerts etc)
Sporting events
Air transport
Maritime transport
Public transport
Special applications (food ticket)


The tag solutions that we offer include stickers, special papers and synthetic materials. We also use cutting-edge technologies for cutting, shaping, managing data and automatic reading.

Uniprint develops integrated applications in label systems, combining the modern equipment available for offset and flexo printing with expertise in digital and security printing.

Kinds of labels that we offer:

  • Simple labels for products
  • Authenticity labels
  • Security labels and stickers

The industries that can use our labels are:

Drug and chemical companies
Grocery stores
Packaging companies
Tobacco companies
Spirits companies
Transport organizations
Insurance companies
Public organizations (tax payments, fees, toll mails, E.M.S. labels & mailers, etc)
Garage parking companies
Courier companies
Hospitals and diagnostic centers (patient analyses and examinations)
Food companies
Fuel companies
Maritime and airline companies


Uniprint in collaboration with one of the biggest card production units in Europe, provides all kinds of cards. We have the ability to respond even to the most specialized need by producing cards of various formats and materials, from plain paper card to multi-layer PVC, from simple membership cards to smart loyalty cards.

The personalized printing technique on the card can be embossed, encoded, or printed thermally, with two main application methods: thermal and adhesive.

Some of the types of cards we offer are:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Member cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Scratch cards
  • Parking cards
  • Identity cards

The industries we serve are:

Banking institutions
Insurance companies
Telecommunication companies
Retail stores, department stores, and grocery stores
Sports clubs
Charitable organizations
Central government organizations and the general public sector
Educational institutions
Transportation companies
Tourism organizations and hotels
Hospitals and health centers

Commercial Printing

We provide high quality, accurate and rapid implementation of any kind of communication material.

Uniprint enables every company and organization to communicate with any target audience through a complete range of commercial applications.

Provided solutions and services:

  • Advertising publications (brochures, stickers, leaflets, etc.)
  • Printing on any material (paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, etc.)
  • Colorful, two-sided printing on any kind of form (with UV or water varnish, lamination etc.)
  • Specialized printing products (maps, booklets, forms with built-in folders etc.)
  • Special applications (printing with metallic inks, coating with scented varnishes, non-standard cutting, scratch cards etc.)

Our products and services are significant marketing tools for companies such as:

Food and beverage
Clothes and cosmetics retail
Grocery stores
Fast food
Cosmetics retail

Security Printing

Uniprint has extensive experience in security printing. You are able to specify the level of sensitivity that is required according to the significance of each document and you can choose one or more safety features that we provide.

Our experience on Security Printing using:

  • Special security papers (watermarked papers, OCR paper for optical reading systems, papers that contain invisible elements that are activated when someone tries to distort information, etc)
  • Special security inks (invisible ink, etc.)
  • Geometric lathe work (Continuous fine lines, with two or more colors, involved with each other, forming what are called guilloches)

Examples of products that we offer:

Postal checks
Auto Inspection Centers forms

Direct Mailing

We have implemented the most important and most complex direct mailing services in the market of Northern Greece and we have the most advanced technology to meet all of our customer needs.

Direct Mailing is an acknowledged mean of one-2-one of communication and is increasingly used by marketing people in order to approach their customers in a different and personalized ways. In Uniprint we run direct mails in such a way to meet the requirements of customers in the best way.

A direct mail requires a significant infrastructure in IT, Data Management, printing and enveloping. Apart from a letter and commercial printing materials, it can even include gift certificates and discount coupons. It can even vary in content depending on the different customer groups.

Direct Mail features and services:

  • We can use envelopes of any dimension, with or without a window panel
  • We can personalize a letter
  • We can match and insert two or more pages according to the grouping requirements
  • We can provide duplex printing
  • We can sort items by postal code
  • We deliver the items to the postal service